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A slightly odd being with a taste for writing, music, and dark things. Unfortunately, it has also been dragged into fandom.
I'm Sebastian, in a relationship, and I sign with S B-L or Sebastian Loch.
You may see me in RL as punk!Grantaire. Usually, this means I'm cosplaying.
I try to see all sides of the argument, and I can often be found 'playing Devil's advocate with a drink in hand.'

Good evening, my dears.

Good evening, my dears.

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Repeat with me, Sebastian. You do not need to put together another cosplay for the second day. You DO NOT. ESPECIALLY AS IT REQUIRES WEARING SHORTS IN OCTOBER IN ENGLAND AND THERE’S ONLY JUST OVER A WEEK LEFT.

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UK grading system
75-100 A+
70-74 A
64-69 A-
60-63 B+
55-59 B
50-54 B-
46-49 C+
43-45 C
38-42 C-
35-37 D

Time to move to the UK

Dude I would kill for that grading scale

wait, so what  is it in america then?

100 A+

95 A

90 A-

86-89 B+

85 B

80 B-

76-79 C+

75 C

70 C-

65-69 D

Anything below that is an F

Hi, no, English student here. 

(Disclaimer; I am English, and live in England, go to a non-paying (the common school type yeah? I don’t pay tuition) school, I’m not even sure the schooling system is the same across the whole UK, I know Wales has it’s own qualifications at undergrad level) 

For one thing, that’s a ridiculous thing to say because:


95+ A* or 99+

90+ B or 97+


Basically: you’re wrong. And stop bloody implying that we have it easier, all school is hard.

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Favourite member of the avengers?


Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, or Clint Barton. 

I honestly just wrote down all the names at first then realised that defeated the point a bit

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you can preach about slut-shaming all you want, but you can’t deny there’s something very wrong with 13 and 14-year old girls going out in skirts and dresses so short they barely cover their asses and shirts with necklines so low they show off cleave they haven’t got yet, drinking and even smoking and hooking up with guys before they even have a substantial knowledge of how sex and sexual relationships work.


Right I was going to leave this one alone but nope. 

Hey, guess what. Have you gone clothes shopping in fashionable places recently? It’s summer here in England but it’s been a while since you could find things in shops that cater to teenagers that covers the knees that’s also supposed to cover your ass, or cover your cleavage or stomach if it’s supposed to go over your breasts.

So, how exactly does a fashionable young thing dress? Well, exactly how they’re dressed by fashionable stores. Yes, no one physically forces them to buy and wear these clothes, but peer pressure and society is a damn strong force. please see the explosion of eating disorders

And, of course, if there’s nothing else around to wear, what can you do?

As for the smoking and drinking, I think in some/most places that’s still considered cool, though it may be dying out. I could say something more about societal pressures (to act older, to break rules, or to be under so much pressure you want something mood altering) but I’ll leave that with that passive-aggressive note.

The same could be said for sex, really. Sex is seen as adult, forbidden, but also an awesome thing. Look on TV (and we know that underage viewers are watching shows with sex, reading erotic novels…) or other media.

Sex is edgy, it’s hot, it’s wanted. It is also, as I said, not allowed. I bet that a few of the braggers probably haven’t had it, but to be seen to? It’s cool. Society made it so.

I agree that it’s horrendous to see people that young and (possibly) unaware of what they’re doing, and the dangers inherent in what they’re doing, but maybe you should check out more than just they symptom, hm?

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what the fuck is smart casual

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They say, whoever ‘they’ is, that self doubt stalks as if it is a shadow.

Well, now, isn’t that odd.

Because that would suggest that the person causes self doubt. That they invite it, even. That it is somehow separate, though close.

And this is blatantly untrue.

Doubt, you see, in yourself or others or things, creeps. It crawls into spaces, reveals them to be dark even if you thought them light. 

It hides in the dark it makes, and it rots all that it touches. It spreads and spreads, until all is under it’s domain. 

We should be glad that shadows are not so dangerous as this.

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The second they all realised.


It hadn’t been long, really.

They’d been camped out in the woods, drinking as teenagers are wont to do with spare time and enough cash for booze, the weather turned hot and humid. They’d even built themselves a perfectly respectable fire in someone’s metal bucket, though they had better things to be doing than actually using it to cook. Instead, it had become the center of increasingly foolish dares. 

But as was well with that. They were having fun, no one was injured in any ways that more alcohol (and time, less immediately) would solve.

They’d settled into a rough few groups, lying on and around each other to talk and make inane comments about stars and -in one group- politics that eventually turned into graffiti into poetry.

This group was the first to stand, staring in the direction of the town.

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There’s no dress code for boys at my prom. They gonna regret that.

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Did I tell you all about that time I went to Italy with school, and our teacher took us to go see Jesus’ crotch?

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Don’t you love it when you have a caption written on a sketch and someone looks at them and says ‘That would be far prettier without the words on it’. 

Well, without the words it doesn’t mean the same, and they’re my words anyway, they’re probably more important anyway. 

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I always get the impression that it would be a bad idea to show you too much love or give you too many compliments or try to get any closer to you. I just have this feeling that that would really freak you out. Am I right?


I’ve cut it because I like read more-s and it got a little long.

You’re certainly right on both if I don’t already like you.

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