Nasty Little Rat (Just a Foolish Boy)

A slightly odd being with a taste for writing, music, and dark things. Unfortunately, it has also been dragged into fandom.
I'm Sebastian, in a relationship, and I sign with S B-L or Sebastian Loch.
You may see me in RL as punk!Grantaire. Usually, this means I'm cosplaying.
I try to see all sides of the argument, and I can often be found 'playing Devil's advocate with a drink in hand.'


Harvey used to be a fighting dog. His ears torn from battles he was forced into. He flinches when you talk too loud around him. He gets so excited when you prepare his food, as in disbelief that he’s actually going to eat this many days in a row and when you put the food down he kisses you in gratitude. He’s afraid of thunder, soda cans, the TV and when baby Nick Fury meows when he’s hungry. When we first picked up Harvey from the pound half of his face was missing and he was severely underweight.Now he’s a kitten baby sitter. FIGHT BSL IN YOUR COUNTY. 

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